Welcome to Temperley Studio

Temperley Studio is an artistic professional design studio, specialising in
unique, one of a kind, customised, tailored art and crafts.
The studio is based in Darlington, UK
My work is a mix of various genres, all items from art to craft are all truly
unique, my designs and one of a kind…As I don’t like to stereotype I give preference to styles inspired from Victorian, Lolita, Steampunk, Hindu,
Ethnic, Retro, Iconic, Punk and Gothic.  I follow my own style and ideas.
I create new styles over by-gone fashions, giving new life in a high street acceptable way that revive and recreate with new colours and imagination that I feel has been lacking with in fashion. No longer stereo typed as strange, odd, weird, freaky or scary.
Michelle with her Re-Vamped Dolls

Digital Artwork Collection

Shop for beautiful and original digital artwork. I have a very extensive collection,
Steampunk, Lolita, Cameo/silhouette style, Angels to name a few, so come and take a tour around the only digital art store you’ll ever need.

Steampunk corset and hat girl
Jack Skeleton 3D cameo and spike nightmare before Christmas necklace

Christmas Jewellery

With Christmas getting closer, now is the perfect time to think about great gift ideas big and small. Why not shop our range of seasonal jewellery!

Peacock OM cameo with bead charm chain necklace

Ethnic and Hindu

A beautiful collection of one of a kind handmade jewellery, accessories and artwork various styles, colours and sizes, all one of a kind, all with hypo allergenic fittings.

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