Michelle Temperley-Laverick
Michelle Temperley-Laverick


It all started a few years ago when I decided to go back to my artwork, which was portrait work. I then added painting to work. I have a fascination, respect and interest in Hinduism and had been studying it for 14 years.

Hinduism came into my life when I was in a library and looking in the spiritual faith and religious section, I noticed an image of an elephant god which I later learned to be Ganesha. This image stood out to me from all the other books like I was meant to see it. I got the book and started reading. I learned all about the Hindu Gods, Hindu Goddesses and the Hindu Deities. There is a deep and vast range of gods and goddesses in the Hindu belief. Thinking about this I realised there was a wide variety of possibilities with paintings so I decided to do my own Hindu art in Acrylics. My artwork studying background lay with Textile design which I did for 6 years but ended up working in financial administration.

After many years of working in Finance and bringing up a family I finally got an opportunity to go back to my roots and pick up my pencils and paint brushes, and decided to turn my hobby and experience into a hopeful and unique business.
As my work developed my creative ideas went into exploring my art and craft background and hence the clothing, jewellery ,Hindu and various genres from Georgian, Victorian, Shabby chic, Fantasy, Lolita, art nouveau, Rockabilly, iconic and Gothic work was underway!


I now have been building up my collection of handmade work, which I am constantly developing and advancing on.  All my work is totally unique, my own designs. I make my own molds and materials, I am inspired by past and present designs, which I have incorporated into my work.

  1. Handmade dolls (including themed and specialised made to order) handmade one of a kind dolls clothing range and themed costumes.
  2. Jewellery and accessories – Victorian & Neo Victorian, Lolita (various styles and types), Ethnic (Asian style) and Hindu, Steampunk, Gothic and punk, Shabby chic and art nouveau, Rockabilly and glam era, Iconic (various)
  3. Digital artwork, iconic pencil sketches and art paintings and prints.
  4. Handmade crafts (ranging from ornamental to fabric made items etc .
  5. Clothing – One of a kind clothing including dolls clothing.

My story was recently published in Asian today online and the local News Post Leader newspaper, and I have had expressed interest from the Hindu forum in London and in local temples regarding my Hindu work.


I plan on building a fantastic collection of all my work, constantly adding new ideas and designs covering a wide range of artwork prints, Victorian, Steampunk, Gothic, Lolita, and Visual Kei accessories, jewellery and other handmade crafts.